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Cabinet Painting Services

It can’t get any better than a nice cabinet paint job to any color you like vs having to buy cabinets and you are limited on color selections that you can only choose from a warehouse. Save the headaches on installations, time, and money. We got you covered; we will do a professional paint job and we offer 100% durability on scratches plus smooth nicely lay down paint. We achieve our results by using a HVLP Gun rig (high volume low pressure) we love close up pictures and here they are scroll down and enjoy.


  1. We empty all items inside the drawers; we move those items outside the kitchen area.

  2. We start masking floors with heavy-duty floor paper, all appliances, and all non-painted surface areas.

  3. We remove all hardware from cabinets to start to clean or degrease any dust or oils on the cabinets

  4. Prime day; After spraying primer and drying, we sand all cabinets with a fine 220 grid sandpaper and we use a brush/duster to clean any remaining dust for ready-to-spray!

  5. Spray day; we use an HVLP gun rig to achieve a crystal-clear smooth finish.

  6. Clean up/walk-through with the client.


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