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The Right Preparation

When it comes to paint projects, the prep work is as important (maybe more important) than the actual paint application itself. If you don’t patch and sand the surface properly, you can end up with visible holes and rough spots. And if the tape is not taped off properly to the trim, you can wind up with giant paint splatters.
The right Correct prep work is going to result in a cleanliness paint job inside of a home environment from start to finish on all clients home belongings and furniture after we leave your home.

Application of the product

Every paint product is different and can be applied differently which will vary where its going to be applied on wood or drywall. We are professional painters and are very knowledgeable on all oil based/water base paints from preventing brush strokes, roller marks, paint not adhesive to the surfaces, and paint chipping; we use high quality paints for a durable lasting paint job and our knowledge techniques to exceed a seamless finish on walls, ceillings and doors and trim.

Kings Painters Craftmanship

We will insure straight lines on all painted surface areas, smoothness, and thickness on all painted surface areas from Kings Painters crew to every client satisfaction.


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