Exterior Painters in Round Rock, TX

We Use High Grade Paints on Exteriors for a Durable Shine Finish

We Pressure Wash All Houses

We Are Professional on All Roof Pitches

We Control Over Spray

We Repair Any Rotten Siding or Trim

Fully Insured

At Kings Painters we care about the durability of your exterior after we finish we want our clients to keep enjoying the shine of the exterior for years to come! From the moment we start to pressure wash all dust and mildew away to caulking all open cracks we can find from ground to ladder height reach. We repair any trim that needs to be repaired on our prep work day. When we begin to spray your house we bid our jobs the right quantity of paint to give all clients a thick application on all painted surface areas for a superior lasting finish. Once we finish and we leave your house we care for it to last alot longer than previously used builders grade paint


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